Paul Newman: Entrepreneurial Icon

Newman's Own can be a model for today's small businesses.


While we sift through the ashes of the bailout plan and figure out where to go next, I thought I'd take a second to look at something a little more positive. Yesterday the Hartford Courant had a great retrospective on Paul Newman in one of his greatest roles—not as an actor but as an entrepreneur.

Newman's Own was about as successful as a company can get at branding its image in the public consciousness. Of course, it had some serious help from its founder—something with Newman's face on it can't help but be a bit iconic. Still, the sketches of Newman found on each product accomplished no small feat—making a legendary face even more legendary.

Newman also has the distinction of being on top of the "socially responsible consumerism" trend long before it had really taken off.

I'll leave you with one of the best moments from probably Newman's best movie.


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