Where Do Small-Business Owners Stand on the Bailout?

Opinion is divided about whether or not Paulson’s plan is a good idea.

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We won't know for several months whether or not the just-passed bailout plan will help the economy. (And even then, it's more than a bit sketchy to figure out whether it helped or hurt.)

Of course, that won't stop people from making predictions about the effects of the bailout. Put small-business owners in the "decidedly skeptical" category.

A new poll by online payroll service SurePayroll asked small-business owners around the country what they think of the plan, and the result is a 50-50 split.

"The number of business owners who thought the government is doing the right thing was exactly equal to the number of business owners who thought the government was making a mistake," says SurePayroll President Michael Alter. "We are clearly a divided nation on this issue."

In addition, 51.5 percent said they thought the plan was bad for small businesses specifically.

Considering that much of the public perception of the plan is that it favors quite large businesses over other industries, it's slightly surprising that the reaction is as divided as it is.

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