Tim Ferriss Says: Business Advertising Taking A Dive in 2009

4-Hour Work Week guru says a major trend next year will be a decline in advertising dollars.


John Jantsch's cool post featuring some 2009 predictions from some of the top entrepreneurial gurus has an especially interesting tidbit from Tim Ferriss.

Tim Ferriss, author of the Four-Hour Workweek said . . . "get advertising at 70-90% off. Recessions mean budget cuts for larger corporations, which means advertising cancellations, just as in 2001 and 2002. There will be fire sales on remnant advertising, whether print, TV, radio, or online."

We can argue about whether or not that's a smart strategy, but given trends in the media so far, it seems inevitable that advertising revenue for media outlets will continue to slide.

But the need to promote one's business of course remains.  That means that cheaper forms of promotion--like blogging--will become more important.

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