Utah Makes Life Easier For Bar Patrons and Owners, MADD is Mad

Utah is not members-only anymore.

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Probably each state has some strange law (well, strange to people not from that state) that makes life difficult for small-business owners and their customers. For example, most people know about how New Jersey forces gas stations to pump gas for their customers. In fact, you are not allowed to pump your own gas in New Jersey.

One strange law I did not know about is that the state of Utah does not allow you to enter a bar unless you become a "member" of that bar by filling out an application and paying a small fee, or by being the guest of a member.

Well, I should say DID not allow because the Utah legislature has just eliminated this law after 40 years.

The Utah chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is, unsurprisingly, against this change. No other state has such a strict rule regarding bars. I wonder how the MADD chapters of the other 49 would feel about imposing this law in their states? If it was a mistake to remove it in Utah, should the rest of the country impose "private club membership" on bars?

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