Unemployment Up To Almost 20 Percent In (Parts Of) The US

Tunica County, Mississippi, has it bad.


Via Fark, I see that unemployment in Tunica County, Mississippi is up to 19.5 percent, over 11 points higher than the national average. That's pretty depressing. But to put things in perspective, Mississippi is our poorest state (although West Virginia often holds that position), and Tunica County is apparently one of the poorest counties in the poorest state. In 1933, at the height of the Great Depression, the national unemployment rate was nearly 25 percent. So some of the worst job conditions found in the entire country still don't compare to the average across the country in the Great Depression.

Looking at this New York Times map from earlier this month, I can only find three counties worse than 25 percent: Mackinac County, Michigan, Colusa County, California, and Perry County, Tennessee.  (Please let me know if I missed any).

That doesn't mean the situation isn't bad, but it does mean we should pause before making grandiose comparisons.

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