Baconnaise Is The New Entrepreneurial Success Story?

More small-business success through disgustingly hilarious food.

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On a Daily Show segment this week, correspondent Wyatt Cenac had a message for an arrogant Swedish bureaucrat: any country that could have discovered baconnaise--a sandwich spread that combines two of America's favorite fatty foods--can't be all bad.

It's not just the fake news that is excited about baconaise. ABC dubbed the spread's creators, Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, "bacontrepreneurs," for creating a $1.4 million business in just a year.

I wouldn't so far to say they're "reinventing" entrepreneurship as ABC does, but they're definitely showing that social media might be the fastest way for a startup to reach high profits today. Their bacon products exploded on Twitter.

Should we be concerned that the recession is draining the entrepreneurial spirit out of the US if some of the biggest entrepreneurial success stories of late are related to bacon? (See my post for another one). Or is this a sign that entrepreneurs are more innovative than other?

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