"Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship" Act: Nice Name, But Where's Substance?

Congress tries to aid small businesses, again.


Congress today is considering the Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act of 2009. Check out the bill here.

I don't believe that "job creation through entrepreneurship" is something that can be legislated into existence. This bill does nothing to change that belief.

It mostly has unobjectionable provisions like more support for veteran-owned small businesses, and a greater SBA commitment to promoting Native American businesses. Then there's this:

Directs the Administrator to contract with third-party vendors for entrepreneurial distance learning content and the development of communications technology that can distribute such content to potential and existing entrepreneurs throughout the United States.

Hmmm, what's a "communications technology" that can "distribute" informational content to entrepreneurs "throughout the United States? Don't we have the Internet?

To be fair, it sounds like the bill would fund something a bit more sophisticated than, say, US News's page on small business. The bill mentions "video-on-demand," for example. But we already have sites with tons of video to educate entrepreneurs--check out sbtv.com.

By the time whatever learning tool this bill would fund is actually developed and put into place, entrepreneurs will have already created many jobs to help pull the US out of this recession.

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