Twitter Still Not Sure How To Make Money

"How to monetize" still the most difficult question for Web 2.0.


An overrated business idea: start a website that doesn't sell anything, and just hope to get tons of traffic. It's very difficult to get the kind of massive traffic needed to turn a profit.

But even if you get millions of views, there's no obvious answer about what to do next. Twitter is one of the most highly-viewed web ventures--from 1.6 million users last year to 32.1 million currently--but as an article in today's Journal examines, they're still trying to figure out a business model.

That's not to say that the uncertainty is because Twitter can't make money. It's clear that it can always sell itself off for an impressive sum:

Speculation continues as to the company being sold. Twitter raised $35 million from venture capitalists in February, on top of about $20 million previously raised. That month, Twitter received a $255 million valuation that makes it unlikely the company would sell for anything less than $1 billion, people familiar with the matter say.

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