Times Are A-Changin For The Risky Business Blog

A new blog home.

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Just when I began writing this post, I realized that it's been a little over a year since I started this blog. It's been a fun year covering the wild world of entrepreneurship and small business--the most exciting aspect of the U.S. economy, I think. But with the departure of my former Dear Leader James Pethokoukis from U.S. News., I've been given the task to fill his shoes at the Capital Commerce blog, which has been on hiatus for the past few weeks.

So this is NOT a farewell post. In fact, I fully expect to make many posts about the small business sector and entrepreneurship at Capital Commerce. It's impossible to adequately cover political economy without talking about them. I'll also still update Risky Business, but not as frequently.

So think of it more as a rebranding. Instead of focusing on entrepreneurship and small business exclusively, I'll be blogging about the whole range of economic policies and political debates that benefit or harm entrepreneurs.

I'll be linking to my Capital Commerce posts in this space for the rest of the week.

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