Salary Isn't Everything, Employees Say


Ask people who work for a small business, and they'll often tell you that money isn't everything. Small-business employees are willing to accept pared-down paychecks to give up the grind of working in a cubicle farm, according to a survey. About 62 percent of small-business employees think pay is better at larger companies (and 72 percent think benefits are better), but they stay at their jobs anyway, according to the survey of 474 employees at both large and small firms.

Small-company workers cite a better working environment as a reason to forgo a higher salary elsewhere. Small companies have benefits that provide "meaningful value to employees," says Jeffrey Blue, director of marketing for About 46 percent of those surveyed called work-life balance the biggest perk. Thirty-four percent cited loyalty to justify staying with a smaller company, while about 30 percent mentioned relationships with their boss or coworkers. Plus, small-business employees thought they had a better chance of getting ahead and eventually boosting their salary.

Such benefits may not immediately capture the attention of job seekers in a tight market. So, says Blue, touting those perceived advantages could help small businesses recruit employees.

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