Small Biz Scene

November 2006

Data on Financing May Disappear

The Federal Reserve is not an organization that advocates careless spending, but its own frugality may threaten a key piece of small-business research. Every five years, the Fed pays about $4 million to survey companies with fewer than 500 employees about where they get financing. Now the Fed says ...

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Federal Reserve

Vacation's Not Spoken Here

With mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie beckoning Americans to holiday tables, it's hard to imagine anyone being chained to a desk this Thanksgiving. But if you're a small-business owner, chances are you are squeezing work in between touch football and feasting. It's impossible to completely cut off ...

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The Romance of an IRS Audit

In the new movie Stranger Than Fiction, Will Ferrell plays Harold Crick, an Internal Revenue Service auditor who becomes attracted to a bakery owner he's auditing. I haven't seen it, but the possibility of romance between an auditor and a small-business owner seems about as far-fetched as the ...

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Business Owners Assess the Midterms

It's time to put away the yard signs, tear down the fliers, and wash the "I voted" sticker grime off your clothes. After months of hand wringing, midterm elections are finally over. But what do the results mean for small-business owners? Actually not much, says Andy Birol, who owns a small-business ...

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Woman-Owned Firms Show Rapid Growth

At most major companies, it's rare to see women in top leadership positions. But that doesn't mean women are shunning the business world. Instead, many are starting their own companies, and some of them are getting help from big corporate players.

Over the past nine years, the number of woman-owned ...

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Yes, Small Is Beautiful

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Cashing out with a public offering may seem like the ultimate goal of a lot of entrepreneurs, but it turns out that's not so true. Most small-business owners see their companies as a lifestyle and a legacy, not just as another way to earn a living.

About 67 percent of business owners with fewer than ...

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