Small Biz Scene

December 2006

The Psychological Test Behind the Salad Bar

Hiring and keeping new workers may be on many small companies' 2007 to-do list, but they may find that it's easier said than done. About 8 in 10 business owners said they couldn't even find qualified applicants to fill open jobs, according to a December survey by the National Federation of ...

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Tech Solutions for Small Firms

Corrected on 1/11/07: An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified StoreVault's parent company.

When it comes to technology, start-ups have little wiggle room in their budgets for costly business services normally geared toward much larger players. But next year these often ignored small ...

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Firms Need a Gift-Giving Strategy

It's that time of year when calendars, cards, and candy fill up workplaces. That's why small-business owners need to be a bit more creative with their holiday gift giving to stand out among the crowd, says Alice Bredin, a small-business adviser at American Express. She says that despite being all ...

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Small Business Cheers Changes at Export-Import Bank

The Senate brought some holiday cheer this week to little residents of Whoville, passing new rules that force the Export-Import Bank to loosen its purse strings when it comes to small companies. If President Bush signs the bill reauthorizing the bank's charter, as expected, sledding through the ...

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Energy Saving Tips From a Pro

While many big companies are tapping into the small-business market, sometimes it makes more sense for the underdogs to stick together. That's the idea behind five-year-old Liberty Power, cofounded by David Hernandez after he left Enron in the wake of its collapse. At the energy giant, Hernandez ...

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