The Best Retirement Blogs

Current buzz and tips from the most influential retirement blogs.

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Technorati, the leading catalog and ranking site for blogs, has identified the 10 most authoritative blogs that include retirement as one of their key topics. Here's a highlight reel of what's on their minds.

First, a little geekspeak. Technorati's authority rankings measure how many times a blog is linked to from other Internet sites. This is how Google weights its searches as well, with the idea being that the most heavily linked sites represent a solid and relatively unbiased measure of popularity and value to users. The blogs have to be known to Technorati, so it is using the ranking system as some not-so-subtle pressure to get blogs to link to Technorati. And blogs work the system as well.

With that, here are the 10 and some of their current thoughts that deal with retirement directly or with topics of importance, such as finance and investments, spending, wellness, travel, and the like. The figure after each blog is its Technorati authority number. For some perspective, the most linked-to, or authoritative, blog is the Huffington Post, which recently had an authority number of 28,760.

Money Blue Book (1,049)

  • How to Build a CD Ladder and Get the Highest Interest Rate
  • The Top 5 Online Banks for High-Interest Savings and Checking
  • My Open Wallet (629)

    • The Candidates' Economic Proposals: IRA & 401(k) Withdrawals
    • Books About Rich People
    • Economic Policy Institute (586)

      • The False Fiscal Dilemma
      • The Erosion of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
      • FiveCentNickel (532)

        • Is Warren Buffett Smoking Crack?
        • Mutual Fund Sales Loads: Just Say No
        • Blueprint for Financial Prosperity (531)

          • How Much Is That in Minimum Wage Hours?
          • How to Invest Like Harvard & Yale
          • Frugal Dad (494)

            • How to Resolve Credit Bureau Reporting Errors
            • What to Tell Our Children About the Economic Woes of Today
            • My Money Blog (464)

              • P2P Lending Update: Prosper, Lending Club, Zopa, Loanio
              • Updates: Top Savings Account and CD Interest Rates
              • Money Ning (447)

                • How to Not Lose Sleep in a Bear Market
                • Overspending When Buying in Bulk
                • Moolanomy (398)

                  • The Economic Crisis and Recency Bias
                  • Frugalist Expense Reduction Guide
                  • No Credit Needed (359)

                    • Top 10 Ways to Save Money - No. 8 - Buy Fresh Produce
                    • Top 10 Ways to Save Money - No. 9 - Give Up Hobbies