Boomerater™ Report: Taking Car Keys from Parents

Advice on taking car keys away from parents, and a tip to help you fall asleep.

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The Boomerater™ Report is our weekly collaboration with Boomerater. Boomerater is the online resource for Baby Boomers offering advice on areas such as financial planning and finding a job. In each report, we feature a selection of helpful tips from Boomerater’s collection of financial, consumer, and lifestyle content.

We also post a question of the week where we are looking to hear your thoughts and first-hand perspectives. Last week, we asked readers for advice on taking car keys away from parents. Here are a few of the responses:

A. Unfortunately, we had to do this with both parents, and it was obvious that they required different approaches. Dad was easy to reason with and accepted that because he was ill and couldn't drive, but said that when he got better he would be able to. We knew he was not going to get better, and he probably did too, but the hope made it easier for him to accept. He eventually stopped asking. Mom had signs of mental impairment that she did not recognize. It was easy for her to dismiss her daughters' concerns. We had to enlist the aid of doctors, her granddaughter, and friends telling her she should give up the keys. We resorted to hiding the keys, hiring an aid, and telling her how lucky she was to have help.

A. Pre-plan this event. Make sure you know the transportation resources in the area your parent lives in. Then seize the first opportunity to discuss the no-driving issue while you are armed with alternatives. Remember to discuss the financial implications of not driving like no more car insurance or car maintenance costs. And how these savings can be applied to taking taxis, etc. And while you are at it, think about where your parent lives--and maybe it is time to make the move to a more supportive living environment, too.

And here is a tip for those of you having trouble falling asleep:

Q. Someone must have a good suggestion besides Ambien. I've also tried warm milk and honey--not bad. Any other ideas?

A. This has worked for me...a form of self-hypnosis. Get comfortable. Relax your body. Consciously check each muscle group and make sure you really are relaxed (sometimes we're kinda tense without realizing it). Now, focus on your toes and imagine that they're starting to get warm. Keep thinking about your toes getting warm until you can "feel" them get warmer. Then imagine that warm feeling gradually expanding to the rest of both feet. When you "feel" both feet are warm, imagine that warm feeling slowly moving up your legs, toward your knees. Follow this process, with the warm feeling that started in your toes slowly moving up the rest of your body. Don't let anything distract you. You'll be asleep before the warm feeling gets up to your belly button!

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