Boomerater™ Report: Tips to Raise Your Spirits

Tips to raise your spirits when you’re feeling down.


The Boomerater™ Report is our weekly collaboration with Boomerater. Boomerater is the online resource for baby boomers, covering everything from finding financial advisors to great travel ideas. The site also contains forums where boomers can ask questions and exchange first-hand experiences with each other.

In our weekly report, we post a Best Life question of the week on Boomerater in which we are looking to hear your advice and tips. This week we want to know if the Obama administration’s financial stimulus package and other financial initiatives have helped you or caused you to change anything you do. Go to to share your thoughts, and in the next report we will feature some of the best responses.

Last week, we asked readers for tips to raise your spirits when you’re feeling down. Here are some of the replies:

A. I've been a bit depressed myself lately and found that volunteering does wonders. This last weekend our church cooked and served dinner at our local walk-in shelter. The people at the shelter were so thankful that you care about them, and the number of folks who need a good meal has increased dramatically. Also, the people that volunteer have become great friends. Being surrounded by warm, caring volunteers goes a long way to keeping your spirits up!

A. I agree that volunteering is a great way to make a difference--both to my own state of mind and, of course, the world. When I find myself down I also like to learn something new--it provides a good sense of achievement and doesn't require much effort. So I'll pick up a new book, usually a biography about a historical figure, or watch a new program on the History Channel. This also always helps put my problems into perspective!

A. You want to get rid of the blues? Take your dog for a walk. He will be so happy you care about him that he'll definitely lift your spirits, plus the extra exercise will also help chase the blues away. Or, for a special treat, take him to the pet store to pick out a new toy or the dog park to meet a new friend. My pooch and I do day trips and we always come back happier and more relaxed.

A. The best way to cheer me up is to walk into my favorite museums or galleries and discover a new artist and be inspired to create a work of my own.

Another recent topic of conversation on Boomerater was discussing how to convince a parent to make a will. Here are some suggested tips from other readers:

A. If your dad has a pet, you could show him a will as a way to ensure the animal is lovingly cared for should something happen to him. The results of dying without a will are different, depending on what state you live in. At you can use “intestacy calculators” to determine who will likely get his money if he dies without a will.

A. Tell him he has a will already...though it may not say what he wants it to. That is, if he dies without a will, his estate will be handled by the court under a statutory will each state has. On the other hand, you may want to read your state's will in the state statutes. If his estate and beneficiary issues are simple them you may find it adequate.

A. Have your planning done first. Ask him for advice/input during the process. Then, offer your attorney's services as a gift to him. Your attorney may help in the process.

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