Boomerater™ Report: Obama’s Stimulus Package a Success?

Readers share their thoughts on President Obama’s stimulus package.


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Last week, we asked readers for their thoughts on President Obama’s stimulus package and whether the measures his administration has pursued are helping you or causing you to change anything you do. Here are some of the replies we received:

A. I think that more needs to be done—it hasn’t impacted on me very much yet. What we need is more confidence-building measures for everyday consumers. I hope the President comes back from the G20 with more successful ideas to mobilize other world economies.

A. He's made me more fearful than ever and I'm hoarding my money...he's printing money that he doesn’t really have instead of taking it back from bank presidents and other executives who don't deserve their large salaries for making their companies go bankrupt. The President wants people to go out and spend, but I can't, fearing that the country is going to be in a deep recession. Why should we help our car industry? It hasn’t been able to reinvent itself so we shouldn’t be supporting it for sentimental reasons...people should learn to take public transport, walk, or use bicycles.

A. My husband and I both voted for Obama, and we have confidence in his decisions since he has chosen experts in finance to advise him. It takes time for the results we all want–prosperity, peace and a greener world—to materialize. So let's just be optimistic. Even bread needs time to rise before it’s baked and eaten.

A. The only upside I can see is that home prices and interest rates are down. I've been renting, so that could help me. I might now be able to afford to buy a house, but it probably hurts a lot of other people who are losing their homes or their jobs.

Another recent topic of conversation on Boomerater included the best online photo album sites. Here are some suggested tips from other readers:

A. I just discovered Tabblo....I upload and edit my photos and can add captions....I used it to make a wedding album for my niece, and she and her husband loved it...You can share photo pages, print out copies, or even order a print or book.

A. I used Flickr before and I have to say, I found it very cumbersome to manage. It offers unlimited storage for a fee (which is nice) but it's really hard to organize.

A. I really like Kodak Gallery. Easy to use and share, and printing can be done directly or you can pick up [prints] at the local CVS. It's great.

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