Social Security Stimulus Payments Sent

If you didn't get your $250, here's what you should do.


By today (June 4) at the latest, more than 52 million stimulus payments of $250 each should have been received by eligible Social Security and Supplement Security Income (SSI) recipients, the agency says. That's more than $13 billion and certainly is a contender for the quickest stimulus boost in the government's program.

[See also Do You Know Social Security Earnings Rules?] If you feel you should have received a payment, and did not, call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or contact your local Social Security office. Keep in mind that this deadline for receiving payments does not apply to the similar $250 stimulus being provided to eligible recipients of Veterans Affairs and Railroad Retirement Board benefits. You should contact those departments directly if you feel they should have issued a stimulus payment to you.

Not everyone receiving Social Security and SSI payments is entitled to the stimulus payment. So, while the program is straightforward, it wouldn't be the government without a list of exclusions:

  1. Anyone living outside of the United States or its territories;
  2. Individuals who no longer are lawfully present in the United States;
  3. Individuals whose benefits have been suspended under the law for giving false or misleading statements;
  4. Social Security beneficiaries who are minor children (disabled adult children receiving Social Security or children receiving SSI payments will receive the one-time payment);
  5. SSI beneficiaries who receive benefits at a reduced rate of $30 because they live in a medical treatment facility (such as a nursing home or hospital) and Medicaid pays over 50 percent of the cost of their care;
  6. Individuals only entitled to Medicare and not to Social Security or SSI benefits; and
  7. Prisoners, fugitive felons, and probation and parole violators.
  8. To find out additional details, visit Social Security's One-Time Economic Recovery Payments Information Page.

    [See also Billions in Social Security Not Being Claimed.]