Males Make Better Marks

A study finds men lose more cash to Internet fraud than women.

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Bad news, guys—a new report says online fraudsters have more success targeting men than women.

"Data compiled from more than 206,000 complaints received last year by the U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) shows that men lost $1.67 to every $1 lost by women in online fraud," IDG-News-Service reports.

Even worse: "Men also tend to be the victims of check fraud (average loss: $3,000) and Nigerian letter fraud scams ($2,000)."

So what accounts for this discrepancy?

The report quotes John Kane, the IC3 research manager who analyzed the data, as saying that "men tend to fall business investment schemes and some other schemes that have a higher dollar loss."

Full article is here.

Study press release is here.