The Perp Walk

A roundup of the latest reports on white-collar crime.

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Department of Justice: "Passaic Mayor Samuel 'Sammy' Rivera pleaded guilty today to attempted extortion, admitting that he accepted a bribe from a government cooperating witness who was representing an undercover insurance brokerage company in return for his official assistance in steering public contracts to the undercover company."

DOJ: "A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer has been arrested and charged for accepting bribes for fraudulently making and delivering an official travel document."

DOJ: "[Oklahoma] City Woman Pleads Guilty to HIPPA Violation for Disclosing Patient Information Used to Commit Identity Theft."

DOJ: "A federal grand jury [in Cincinnati] indicted Adrian D. Mitchell, age 35, charging him with mail fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud in connection with a real estate related business he operated."

SEC: "The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged three Fort Lauderdale-area medical doctors with illegal insider trading, alleging that they reaped a combined total of more than a half-million dollars in profits from their illicit scheme."

Department of Justice

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