Fake Refund Scam Reported

Phony E-mails offer compensation to Internet fraud victims.


Looks as if Internet fraudsters are zeroing in on the same folks they've already duped. The FBI is warning the public to be on the lookout for E-mails falsely offering refunds to victims of Internet fraud schemes. The phony E-mails purport to be from the government of the United Kingdom and the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

From the FBI press release:

The e-mails promise refunds of thousands of dollars which are to be sent via bank wire transfer from the "bank of England [sic]" once the victim signs a "fund release order." The e-mails contain warnings that failure to sign the order will place the funds on hold and a penalty will be applied.

As with most spam, the content contains elements which are evidence of fraud such as:

  • Multiple spelling errors
  • Poor grammar
  • Government agency names
  • Signatures of officials and titles to appear authentic
  • Warning for failure to comply.

"E-mail scammers are looking for every opportunity to steal your money and personal information," Special Agent Richard Kolko said in the press release. "These criminals are increasingly attempting to do this by falsely claiming to be various government officials. Don't respond, don't open the attachments, and don't send your money or personal information. We are asking people to be aware of this tactic and to report incidents to IC3."