Where Are the Problem Loans?

The Fed puts out a new, interactive map of troubled mortgages around the country.


Wondering exactly where all those problem loans are you've been hearing about? Check out this new interactive map the New York Federal Reserve just put together:

The maps show the following information for subprime and alt-A loans for each state and most of the counties and zip codes in the United States:

  • Loans per 1,000 housing units
  • Loans in foreclosure per 1,000 housing units
  • Loans real estate owned (REO) per 1,000 housing units
  • Share of loans that are adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs)
  • Share of loans for which payments are current
  • Share of loans that are 90-plus days delinquent
  • Share of loans in foreclosure
  • Median combined loan-to-value ratio (LTV) at origination
  • Share of loans with low credit score (FICO) and high LTV at origination
  • Share of loans with low- or no documentation
  • Share of ARMs with initial reset in the next 12 months
  • Share of loans with a late payment in the past 12 months

Accompanying data tables report further statistics for states. The maps and data are drawn from the FirstAmerican CoreLogic, LoanPerformance Loan Level Data Set. For more details, see the website's technical appendices to the map and the data tables.

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  • Kirk Shinkle

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