Drinking and Home Buying

In today's market, it might take a stiff one to get you into that Miami condo.

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Many thanks to Twist over at housingdoom—do yourself a favor and bookmark this site—for calling attention to this hilarious trend: Given the plummeting housing market, it seems that Realtors are doing everything they can to get people to buy condos, including—you got it— providing plenty of booze.

From the Wall Street Journal, via Yahoo News:

In February, throngs of people gathered at a $100,000 poolside party in Miami, downing Roberto Cavalli vodka, sampling food from local restaurants and dancing to a DJ blasting hip-hop and house music. Nearly 1,000 more people showed up than expected, sending the hosts scrambling to provide extra booze and triggering noise complaints from neighbors....The swanky event—designed with a film theme, with a red carpet and a giant movie screen—was hosted by the Related Group, a luxury developer, to get people to see, and eventually buy, apartments in its new 1,000-unit complex.

"Just how drunk do you have to be before buying a Miami condo sounds like a good idea[?]" Twist asks.

Good question—have another.