Foreclosed Home Becomes Marijuana Farm

Narcotics officers seize $4.5 million of drugs from California residence.


A brief note of caution to anyone considering getting involved in the risky—but highly lucrative—business of marijuana agriculture: Pay your mortgage.

That's the clear message of a story reported in the San Bernardino County Sun and brought to our attention by The Real Estate Bloggers regarding the arrest of a California man who was suspected of using his two foreclosed homes to grow pot—and lots of it.

From the San Bernardino County Sun :

Police began investigating the case Thursday when the bank employee inspecting a foreclosed house in the 14500 block of Mammoth Place found pot plants inside... Narcotics officers estimated the street value of the marijuana in the two houses at $4.5 million.

Seriously folks, who doesn ' t have a neighbor with a pot farm out back? Pot farms are like tire swings these days. The key is to pay your mortgage, keep the bank happy, and stay out of trouble.

I mean, just what kind of drug dealers are we creating these days? It's a wonder they sell anything at all.


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