Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's Pad for Rent

Hollywood supercouple puts beachfront property on the market for summer.


As the mortgage crisis has gutted home values and shattered dreams across the country, Americans everywhere have grown envious of the same folks they laughed off just years earlier: renters. But now, it looks as if renters have really hit the jackpot.

Without rapidly escalating mortgage payments holding them back, these renters are free to jump in on perhaps the hottest summer rental property to hit the market so far this year: the beachfront party shack of celebrity supercouple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

Now, I can take the evaporation of millions of dollars in real estate wealth, a paralyzing credit crunch, even a housing-led economic slowdown. Heck, make it a full-blown recession. But when I envision someone other than me plopping down on Coach Molly McGrath's couch with a can of Milwaukee's Best from Jack Burton's fridge, that's when I get jealous.

But renters, you earned it. So if you've got the $95,000 per month for a June-to-September rental of their 4,126-square-foot pad, have at it:

Here are the specs, from the Real Estalker:

According to listing information, the house has three-bedroom suites including a[n] ocean view master with floor to ceiling windows, a "spa-inspired bath area" and a private beachfront balcony. Other amenities include a detached guest/meditation room as well as a gym.

Big thanks to the Real Estalker for sniffing this one out—great site, by the way.


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