Housing Starts

A round-up of recent housing news.


NYT: "Even as the housing foreclosure crisis deepens, legislation to rescue homeowners and their lenders appears to be in significant political jeopardy."

WSJ : "Democrats may be risking a backlash at the polls in November by pushing hard to use taxpayer money to rescue homeowners who can no longer afford their mortgages in the face of stiff resistance from President Bush and many other Republicans."

The Economist, via The Big Picture: "America may well be only halfway through the house-price bust."

The Washington Post: "A legal brawl is breaking out over how homes are appraised, at what cost and by whom. The outcome could directly affect how much you pay for your next piece of real estate and how much money you can borrow."

The Orange County Register, via Calculated Risk: "What's going on is a novel approach to a troubled economy. The Orange County Foreclosure Bus is on tour, and it is part of a national trend."


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