‘We Will Vote You Out’

Bloggers express distaste for a housing bailout.

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The good folks over at housingpanic—a great blog, by the way—have posted a heated letter to politicians considering supporting the taxpayer-funded housing rescue bill that passed the House last week.

Barney, Chris, Hillary and Friends,

If you spend one penny of direct taxpayer money, or expose the American taxpayer to any more risk than we already have (Fannie, Freddie, FHLB, FHA, etc) THEN WE WILL HOUND YOU, WE WILL TAKE OVER YOUR OFFICES, AND WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT THE NEXT CHANCE WE GET.

WE ARE THE MAJORITY. The vast majority of Americans who rent, who OWN, and who didn't treat homes as lottery tickets these past few years. WE ARE THE HONEST ONES, THE RATIONAL ONES, THE SANE ONES. And we [will] not allow you to bail out fools, flippers and fraudsters with our money. Period

The outrage expressed underscores the political risks that bailout supporters from both parties may face should the measure be enacted.

Housingpanic urges readers to "Flood the White House folks. The only thing that can stop a massive taxpayer-funded Housing Gambler Bailout now is George W. Bush."

The big guy's digits, by the way, are 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414, if you want to say hello.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

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