Housing Starts

Today's housing and real estate headlines.


Wall Street Journal: "Senate lawmakers are close to a deal that would expand a government program to insure hundreds of billions of dollars in refinanced mortgages, top lawmakers said Thursday."

American Banker: "A Senate Banking Committee vote scheduled for Thursday on a bill to help stem the housing crisis is shaping up to be a cliffhanger."

New York Times: "Freddie Mac, one of the nation's largest buyers of home loans, announced a fresh wave of bad news Wednesday, disclosing losses that were smaller than expected only because of accounting tactics that minimized the effects of bad loans."

Washington Post: "The foreclosure signs that have been sprouting up in less-affluent communities since 2006 are beginning to appear in the well-off suburbs, attached to houses that once cost $1 million or more. Although those kinds of homes are in the minority now, real estate agents predict the numbers will swell."