Housing Starts

Today's housing headlines.

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American Banker: For Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd[ of Connecticut], the stakes at a vote Tuesday on his bill to stem the housing crisis could not be higher.

The Washington Post: "The potential for conflicts between neighbors can deepen during a housing slump like this one. Homeowners worried about their property values are prone to get more agitated more quickly about smaller things. Add to that today's mounting economic worries, and the likelihood for disputes grows because people have fewer financial or emotional reserves to tap."

The New York Times: "It's important to consider the psychological trauma of foreclosure. No one is likely to starve or sleep on the streets as an immediate result of a foreclosure, and the authorities no longer dump a family's furniture on the sidewalk when it happens. Nonetheless, there is deep trauma."

Associated Press: "The foreclosure crisis that has forced thousands of families from their homes has given something good to the nation's best-known housing charity: Cheap properties for sale in communities around the country."

Associated Press: "Lowe's Cos., the nation's second biggest home improvement retailer, reported a 17.9 percent drop in first-quarter earnings and lowered its guidance for the year on Monday as the slumping U.S. housing market and softer economy hurt sales."


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