A New Foreclosure TV Show!

Production company pitches a realty/reality TV series to national networks.


No matter what you think about the controversial housing legislation moving through Congress, at least we can all agree there just hasn’t been enough TV coverage of the nation's foreclosure epidemic.

So, for all of you begging for a closer look at a process that's now shattering communities, gutting home values, and threatening to drag the entire country into a recession, meet real estate agent Tom Bruzzesi, the star of The Foreclosure Shoppe—a new realty/reality TV show focusing on Florida's treacherous real estate market.

From the press release, via Inman Blog:

In each episode of "The Foreclosure Shoppe," camera crews follow Tom on a typical wild and crazy day at the office. Tom (affectionately nicknamed "The Maniac" by his peers) confesses that he is a master at frustrating people. "I know how to get underneath their skin and throw off their bidding strategies," Tom admits. From irritating bidders at the courthouse, to walking through his purchased properties for the first time, to evicting tenants that won't leave, to picking up his large paychecks, viewers get an inside pass to witness Tom navigating through the messy foreclosure process.

Bruzzesi's qualifications for the role include the "huge, visible scars on his head"—which he got from a near-fatal childhood accident and lackluster medical treatment—and his subsequent transformation into a schoolyard tough in order to defend himself from being picked on. (Surprise! He’s from New Jersey.) "I had to be the toughest kid in the grade because I was always getting picked on for the way I looked," he says.

(FYI, anyone who brings up "huge, visible scars" in his or her press materials immediately becomes a Home Front Favorite. Look forward to working with you, Tom.)

Since that time, he moved to Florida and, according to the press release, became one heck of a real estate professional.

In the past 5 years, Tom purchased over 300 foreclosed properties and sold 90% of them to date. So far in 2008, he has already purchased 21 foreclosed properties and he's just getting started.

Even better, the company producing the masterpiece, InTroubleZone Productions—don't pretend you haven't seen V8 Muscle Bikes—is now pitching the show to big-time TV networks around the country. So get your TiVo cued up.