Housing Starts

Today’s housing headlines.


The San Jose Mercury News: "Online real estate brokers will be guaranteed full access to listings of homes for sale under an agreement announced by federal officials Tuesday."

Bloomberg: "Home prices in 20 U.S. metropolitan areas fell in March by the most in at least seven years, pointing to weakness in the housing market that will constrain economic growth."

The Wall Street Journal: "The Minnesota legislature's passage of a housing bill has created a dilemma for the man who could veto it: Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican seen as a potential running mate for John McCain."

The Los Angeles Times: "Obama, in the midst of a three-day swing of potential Western battleground states, used the struggles of a Las Vegas family facing foreclosure over skyrocketing mortgage payments to illustrate what has emerged as a key theme of his campaign—the nation's sputtering economy."

The New York Times: "But at the same time, new criticisms have surfaced that Mr. Bernanke has fanned inflation and contributed to the decline of the dollar by aggressively cutting interest rates. Some say he has put at risk billions in public funds by accepting devalued assets like mortgages and auto loans as collateral for loans to financial institutions."


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