Forget That Condo—Buy This Jail

A Maine county's lockup is a steal at $200,000.

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First-time home buyers looking to terrify unsuspecting dinner guests should get moving on this delightful county jail in Skowhegan, Maine, before some exiled dictator or evil supervillain snaps it up.

That's right, the 14,000-square-foot lockup will be emptied later this year when a nearby facility opens for business, according to the Associated Press, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for creative buyers. describes the property, which was built in 1897 but refurbished as recently as 1984, as a "multifamily" residence. But it could be transformed into an art gallery, a gift shop, or a restaurant, Philip Roy, the chairman of the Somerset County commissioners, told the AP.

"It's an interesting building. It could be used for many, many things," Roy said.

Forget that. This place has happy childhood written all over it.

Just think of it: playing wiffleball on the 35,000-square-foot lot, stashing old Uncle Bobby in the hole, and—with coiled razor wiring surrounding your home—you'd never have to worry about your daughter dating anyone scarier than you.

For just $200,000, it'd be a crime to leave this place on the market.