Fresh Distractions for Housing Daydreamers launches a new tool allowing housing fans to page through home photos across the U.S.

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Are you a real estate day dreamer? If so, has new distraction for you.

You can check it out here.

From the press release:

Trulia Snapshot is therapy for home buyers, real estate enthusiasts, college-age dreamers, ready-to-upgrade home owners, your mom, my mom and everyone from the interested to real-estate-obsessed. It satisfies our universal need to gander real estate photos, prices and locations online.

Of course we are here to help you dream big, but whether it's pure gawkery that you are after, or if you are longing for a new way to visualize what's on the market in your area, Trulia Snapshot is here to fulfill your needs ( least these needs).

So how does it work?

It's pretty simple: search for any city in the U.S., click around the map, scroll the slider through the most expensive/least expensive homes in your neighborhood, or just hit the big play button on the left to sit back and let your dream home find you.

Disclosure: A search tool is a feature of the real estate and Best Places to Retire pages.