Foreclosure Punches Evander Holyfield

Former heavyweight champ’s $10 million estate set to be auctioned by bank.


The first legitimate challenge to Jose Canseco's title as America's least-sympathetic housing crisis victim comes from a man who is no stranger to duking it out: former heavyweight champion Evander "the Real Deal" Holyfield.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The former heavyweight champion appears to be in serious financial trouble. His palatial estate in Fayette County is under foreclosure, according to a legal notice that appeared in a local newspaper, and is set to be auctioned by Washington Mutual Bank on July 1. The home is worth an estimated $10 million.

The news comes just days after word broke that former Tonight Show sidekick Ed McMahon is battling foreclosure and weeks after we learned that NBA star Latrell Sprewell faces similar headaches. Even more bad news on Holyfield comes from gossip peddler TMZ, which reports that "he's being sued for allegedly defaulting on a $550,000 landscaping bill."

Now I'm all for stiffing the lawn boy—but $550,000? Does he have Justin Timberlake out there or something?

Let's turn to the finances. While we are unable to conduct a complete financial audit, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Holyfield made $34 million for his 1997 bout with Mike Tyson—yep, the ear-biting match. And TMZ says he has made more than $200 million from boxing.

Still, in an admittedly-split decision, I just don't think Holyfield has enough juice to take down Canseco—who reportedly decided to walk away from his home, which was declining in value.

So here's my scorecard (as of today, at least)—from least sympathetic to most:

  1. Canseco
  2. Holyfield
  3. Sprewell
  4. McMahon

Anybody got anything different?