The Lenny Dykstra Flip?

Gutsy ex-baseball star goes for a multimillion-dollar flip in the treacherous California market.


Former big-league baseball player Lenny "Nails" Dykstra is swinging for the fences with this recently reported real estate deal:

From Big Time Listings:

Lenny Dykstra has placed his eight-bedroom mansion in the Lake Sherwood area of Thousand Oaks, Calif., on the market for $24,950,000, less than a year after purchasing it from hockey great Wayne Gretzky for a reported $18.5 million.

The listing is here.

The property website is here.

It takes some serious grit to go for the multimillion-dollar flip in today's market. Dykstra is going to have to bring that sucker way down to find the strike zone. (Looks like "The Great One" may have shot one past him.) Still, I would not want to be in a home price negotiation with Dykstra. He'll definitely get his uniform dirty. Speaking of Dykstra, this should be required reading.