How Not to Sell Your Home

How to keep would-be buyers from purchasing your home.


Selling a home in today's sluggish housing market is difficult enough, but it's even worse for sellers who employ what Larry Cragun of calls the "sales prevention program."


What is the sales prevention program? Well, let's put it this way: When buyers have lots of options, sometimes you can do things to keep them away for from making an offer.

I am sure agents could add to the list, here is a few I have noticed.

  1. Don't let the dog out of the garage, he bites.
  2. You must make an appointment 24 hours in advance.
  3. Price not negotiable, full price offers only.
  4. Home rented, must contact tenant to make appointment to show. No drop ins.
  5. No MLS key box.
  6. Please forgive condition of the home.
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