The Gay Marriage Home-Buying Discount

Why not buy some property when you're in California for your same-sex marriage?


I'll have what the California real estate professionals are having. First the two-for-one-deal, now this:

As the national housing market continues writhing in despair, one real estate agency is looking to take advantage of the state's controversial legalization of gay marriage to jump-start home sales.

With same-sex couples from across the country headed to sunny California to wed, Wellsford Realty in San Diego is offering incentives for them to buy homes in the area.

From (fist pound, Zillow Blog):

Whether choosing to make California their primary or secondary residence by buying a home in San Diego, domestic partners seeking to take advantage of the new Same Sex Marriage Law in California can now get their wedding reception or a honeymoon getaway compliments [of] Wellsford Realty. With the purchase of a condo or home using their services, Wellsford Realty is rebating 33% back on the commission which can be used to celebrate their wedding day or plan that long awaited perfect honeymoon.

Me? I'm a huge fan of this approach. Soften up your new spouse by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a rapidly devaluing asset, and he or she won't even notice when you leave the toilet seat up or pass out in the parking lot.