The 5 Most Popular States for Moves

Sunny California and Florida top the list.

By + More recently released the results of a national consumer study that—among other things—revealed the five most popular states to move to last year.

Here they are, via

  1. California (6 percent of all moves)
  2. Florida (5 percent)
  3. Texas (4 percent)
  4. New York (3 percent)
  5. Georgia (2 percent)

The percentages represent the share of the total survey sample moving to that state from a different one.

From the survey's press release:

This survey showed that the two most prevalent reasons for moving in today's challenging economy are related to job change (relocating for an existing job or finding a new job) and lifestyle change (downsizing or retirement).

The majority of recent movers went from one rental situation to another with only 15 percent moving from a rental to home ownership. This result is a direct correlation with the deteriorating housing market in the U.S. and the tightening credit markets, making opportunities for home ownership much more challenging than in recent years.

The current real estate market in the U.S. is also likely reflected by the fact that a greater proportion of the sample (19 percent versus 15 percent) went from home ownership status to renter status than the reverse, and only 14 percent of these consumers owned their previous residence and moved to a newly purchased home. It also reflects that efforts from government and consumer groups to combat the rising number of foreclosures have not yet had a significant impact on consumers trying to keep their homes.