Foreclosures a Boon to Marijuana Farmers

This time, it's a foreclosed home in Florida where pot plants are reportedly grown.


While the national foreclosure crisis has destroyed families, shattered neighborhoods, and contributed to the untimely death of at least one Chihuahua (at the hands of bloodthirsty bees), it may well have been a boon for your local marijuana producer.

Last month, we learned of a California man who was arrested on suspicion of using his foreclosed home as a pot farm. Now, the loco weed was reportedly found growing at a foreclosed home in Florida, too.

From NBC2, in Fort Myers, Fla.:

A vacant house in Lehigh Acres may look like just another foreclosed home, but deputies actually found out it was a 'budding' business.

Deputies removed around 100 marijuana plants from the home....Deputies say it's one of two new scenarios: a grow house operator with no intent of ever paying the mortgage, or someone simply noticed that the house was empty and set up shop.

Apparently, the foreclosure farm approach even helps drug producers evade police.

From NBC2:

No arrests were made, as no one was living in the home. The listed owners live outside Miami in Hialeah.


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