Man Guts Home, Gets Jail Sentence

Ex-mortgage broker gets jail time after stripping his home of a Jacuzzi and other items.


Gutting one's home just before it's lost to foreclosure has become an increasingly common part of the mortgage crisis. But before you rip out that copper wiring, take a look at this cautionary tale from Pennsylvania.

From the Associated Press:

A former Mercer County mortgage broker who gutted his $1.2 million home before a sheriff's sale has been sentenced to three to 15 months in jail and must pay more than $174,000 to an insurance company.

Authorities say Scott McCuskey, 40, of Sharpsville, stripped cabinets, toilets, a Jacuzzi, locks, garage doors and other items. He was convicted of defrauding creditors and fraud in insolvency in April.

McCuskey unsuccessfully argued to Mercer County Court Judge Thomas Dobson on Tuesday that he didn't know he couldn't take the items. His home was collateral on a loan he defaulted on in 2004. Dobson, noting McCuskey worked as a mortgage broker, didn't accept the argument.

Hey, I love my toilet, too—but not enough to go to jail for it.

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