Treasury Official ‘a Wreck’ Over Economy

Washington Post satirist skewers Phillip Swagel’s economic anxiety.

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If you've never read Dana Milbank's side-splitting "Washington Sketch" column in the Washington Post, here's a great one to get you started.

In the item, Milbank—who typically catalogs the hypocrisy and foibles of America's elected officials—turns his attention to Phillip Swagel, skewering the Treasury Department's assistant secretary for economic policy for his visible anxiety over the stumbling U.S. economy. (Fist pound, Housing Wire)

"Think you're worried about the economy? Phillip Swagel is a wreck," Milbank writes.

During a painfully awkward recent presentation, the best that nerve-jangled Swagel could muster about the downtrodden U.S. housing market was:

"We're not through the housing correction, but you can sort of see signs of the bottom coming."

Watch the hilarious video here.