Forbes’s Top 10 Cities to Buy a Home

The list features several spots in the Lone Star State.


As the national real estate market continues writhing in turmoil, Forbes has released a list of 10 places " buyers can feel safe investing in."


We examined the country's 40 largest metropolitan areas and looked at cities where home prices have appreciated over the last two years. We also measured tightening vacancy rates. These metrics indicate places where buyers are investing in homes in order to live, not just make a quick buck, and where the housing market is relatively solid. We culled our vacancy and home price information from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Association of Realtors.

Here's the list, via

1. Houston

2. Austin

3. St. Louis

4. Philadelphia

5. San Antonio

6. Dallas

7. Charlotte, N.C.

8. San Francisco

9. Jacksonville, Fla.

10. Atlanta