Builder Lures Home Buyers With Free Hondas

Developer hopes the fuel-efficient incentive will spark more interest in his rural properties.

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With home sales increasingly hard to come by, builders and real estate professionals have grown more and more creative in their efforts to attract new business.

Now, one builder is offering free fuel-efficient cars—2008 Honda Civics—to anyone who buys a home in his rural development.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Home builder William Grant is trying to entice buyers to his 75-home development in rural Pennsylvania, located about 25 miles from the nearest large employment center in Allentown, by offering a free fuel-efficient 2008 Honda Civic....

Mr. Grant hopes the Honda will lure buyers by helping them save some money on their commutes to and from the house they would buy from him....

Mr. Grant says buyers can choose between the Honda, which he says has a value of about $20,000 and isn't included in the price of the house, or his company will pay the buyers' closing costs and buy down their interest rate.

Out of four sales last weekend, two buyers chose the Honda.