Locating the Criminals in Your Neighborhood

Online tool lets users look into their next- door neighbors’ pasts.

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Back in the old days, all you could do was obsessively watch America's Most Wanted hoping that the guy with the ponytail down the street would finally be profiled.

But now you can go to CriminalSearches.com's Neighborhood Watch section and find out once and for all who the criminals living in your neighborhood are and what they've done.

From CriminalSearches.com, via The Real Estate Bloggers:

So much attention has been focused on sex offenders living near you. What about thieves, violent offenders, murderers, or con artists? Find out if these criminals live near you with our Neighborhood Watch.

I didn't believe it either so I had to try it out for myself. (It's free.)

Turns out my neighborhood is way soft (which I could have told you beforehand). Most of the "crimes" that my neighbors have been involved in are described as "Traffic/Other."

But there is a guy in his early 70s living not too far away from me who was apparently convicted of misdemeanor larceny back in the early 1980s—so I'll make sure to cross that street off my trick-or-treating grid.