Mayor Intervenes in Parking Ticket Foreclosure

Milwaukee politician says that he will work to “resolve this matter.”


Looks as if the Milwaukee man whose house was foreclosed upon after he repeatedly failed to pay a $50 parking ticket might get to keep his home after all.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Mayor Tom Barrett said today he will work with the city treasurer's office to make sure Peter Tubic doesn't lose his home over a $50 parking violation.

"While it is important to recognize the need to comply with rules and regulations, this is a highly unusual situation and I can't sit by and watch a man who is clearly suffering from mental debilitation lose his home because of a $50 ticket," Barrett said in a written statement. "I will work with the City Treasurer to resolve this matter. Foreclosing on a home is always, always a last resort and residents can avoid the downward spiral that comes with avoiding enforcements."