New Wrinkle in Trump's Ed McMahon Bailout

'The Donald'-McMahon deal might not go through, as second buyer surfaces.


Looks like Donald Trump might not end up becoming Ed McMahon's landlord after all ...

From the Los Angeles Times:

The listing agent for Ed McMahon's heading-for-foreclosure house in Beverly Hills said yesterday that the property is now in a "multiple offer situation." Last Thursday, billionaire developer Donald Trump announced that he had made the lenders an offer and expected to be able to buy the house and lease it back to the onetime "Tonight Show" sidekick. But it now appears that Trump has competition.Alex Davis of Hilton & Hyland, Beverly Hills, said a second buyer who wishes to remain anonymous is interested. The junior lien holders have agreed to a short sale at $4.6 million, Davis said, and "that's the number we need to get to."In a statement yesterday Trump, who said last week he wanted to help McMahon, said that if there was another potential buyer he wished them luck.

"I hope they take good care of Ed McMahon because he deserves it. The only reason anybody other than me would be interested in this house is because I showed an interest in it first," Trump said in the statement. "I just heard that the person negotiating doesn't have financing, and the deal would be subject to getting financing, something which I, obviously, don't need."

Trump, Donald

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