How Many Homes Does John McCain Own?

Zillow Blog digs into the question that baffled the presumptive Republican nominee.


After John McCain struggled to recall how many homes he owns, the investigators over at Zillow Blog put together this breakdown of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's real estate empire.

From Zillow Blog:

Republican presidential nominee John McCain took a lot of ribbing a week ago when he botched the question, " How many houses do you and Mrs. McCain have?" His answer landed somewhere between "I don't know" and "I'll have my staff get that for you."

In his defense, McCain couldn't give a straight answer because it's complicated. One main reason is because his wife, Cindy Hensley McCain, the multi-millionaire beer distributor heiress ( she's a Budweiser gal), is the one with all the money and the houses (they are under holding companies or trusts controlled by Cindy). Also, they have purchased a couple of condos in the same buildings and in one case, combined them into one uber property, which also leads to the confusion. Even media sites and blogs are at odds:

New York Times: 11
Politico: 8
The Swamp: 8
Washington Post: 6

So, their real estate empire is a bit difficult to sort out. But, here's an attempt to break it down, state-by-state:

Check them out here.