Realtor Refund Tied to Super Bowl Appearance

Washington-area real estate agent vows to refund client’s commissions if Redskins make the big game.


Anyone who saw how lousy the Redskins looked in their last couple of preseason games knows the chances of getting your commission back through this real estate sales gimmick aren't great.

From the Sun Gazette, a group of weekly papers published in Washington's suburbs:

Brian Madden, a Realtor with Bock Realty, has launched an innovative marketing plan in an effort to drum up business during early autumn. If the Redskins make it to the Super Bowl, he will refund his commission to anyone who retains him to help buy or sell real estate in Arlington, Falls Church, and McLean."They don't even have to win it, just get there," Madden said of the home team in a recent ad. . . .In December 2006, a Los Angeles furniture store offered to refund the sales price of a week's worth of transactions over $2,000 . . . if UCLA defeated the heavily favored University of Southern California on the gridiron. When UCLA defeated USC, 13-9, a lot of people got free furniture. . . .

There is some fine print, of course. A buyer or seller must sign an agreement to be represented by Madden's firm before Oct. 1. No waiting until December, when the team's fortunes will be a lot more clear.