City Pursuing Parking Ticket Foreclosure

Milwaukee is asking a judge to deny a request that would allow man to keep his home.

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We've got an update in the case of the parking ticket foreclosure.

Milwaukee is reportedly continuing its legal fight against a man whose failure to pay a $50 parking ticket led to the foreclosure of his homeā€”even after the mayor promised intervene on the man's behalf. The man, Peter Tubic, 62, got the ticket in 2004. He said he didn't pay it because of health problems and the death of his father. Overdue charges drove the fine up to $2,600, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, before the city turned to foreclosure on the house to try to collect.

From the Journal Sentinel:

The City of Milwaukee is digging in its heels in its attempt to foreclose on the home of a man who failed to pay a fine for parking an unlicensed van in his parents' driveway.

The city filed a response Thursday asking the judge to deny the request from Peter Tubic and his attorney to set aside the foreclosure or reduce his fine to the original $50.

"Giving special treatment out of sympathy to one property owner or waiving the statutory requirements of one property owner because his case was reported by the media, when there are dozens of others whose homes may have been foreclosed upon after personal difficulties, would destroy the integrity" of the foreclosure process, attorneys for the city wrote in their motion....

A hearing is scheduled for Sept. 11. If the city retains ownership of the house, Tubic can remain there as a renter until the house is sold. After that, the new homeowners can decide if they want to continue renting out the house. Tubic can file a petition with the city to collect whatever money remains from the sale of the house after the city takes its cut.


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