Foreclosed Home Becomes Wild Bobcat Den

California community gets furry new neighbors.

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Add this to the growing list of creative uses of foreclosed homes:

From Southern California Public Radio:

A foreclosure in the Riverside County town of Lake Elsinore has apparently become a den for wild bobcats. Neighbors spotted the felines lounging in a backyard and slinking across a wide fence. People occasionally spot bobcats wandering through the neighborhood.

But animal control officials say the critters usually move on. It's unusual, but not surprising, for them to settle in a populated area. Backyards offer easy access, shelter, and ample water from a timed sprinkler system.

Animal control officers have posted warnings in the neighborhood cautioning homeowners to keep a close watch on their children and pets. The pointy-eared, stubby-tailed nocturnal creatures usually feed on small prey like birds and squirrels. But they can go after larger animals like small dogs and housecats.


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