Palin's Home Got Coast Guard 'Aquatic Protection'

During Palin's short trip home, the vice presidential candidate's lakefront property was secured by boats.

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How do you keep the potential next vice president of the United States safe while she's at her lakefront property?

The Coast Guard News has the details, via ZillowBlog:

The mostly placid waters of Lake Lucille in Wasilla, Alaska, aren't exactly the place where one might expect to spot a 25-foot Defender class patrol boat owned by the United States Coast Guard. On any normal day, you'd see a variety of canoes and skiffs plying the lake as folks practice their canoing strokes or try to catch rainbow trout. But that wasn't the case on September 11th through the 13th as Secret Service agents were faced with the challenge of providing aquatic protection for Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, during her two-day visit home. As such, the Secret Service turned to a local Coast Guard unit for assistance.

The home of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was guarded Sept. 11-13 during her short break from the campaign trail by the United States Coast Guard. The Palin home is pictured at the left with Todd Palin's float plane pulled back into the backyard after his wife's dockside interview with ABC-TV's Charles Gibson. At the right is a CG 25-foot Defender class patrol boat - an unusual sight on Wasilla's Lake Lucille.

Palin's main residence is located on the shores of Lake Lucille. Under normal circumstances, Palin spends time on the lake. But not much is "normal" in Wasilla now that its home-grown mayor turned Alaska governor has taken the national spotlight.

The town is overrun by journalists and curious onlookers.

As word spread that Palin would be home on Friday, a steady stream of locals turned amateur celebrity hunters made their way across the docks of a nearby hotel trying to catch a glimpse of Palin when she ventured outside. Those with fortunate timing might have caught a glimpse of Governor Palin on the family's private dock with the Palin float plane in view. There was a short time when Palin and ABC-TV's Charles Gibson could be seen there during his interview with her at her lakeside home on September 12th. But for those who failed to catch a glimpse of the Governor and Gibson, there was the spectacle of two Coast Guard boats - normally reserved for oceanic assignments - taking turns patrolling the shoreline in front of the Palin home.

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